Dear Conny, Agneza & Jelena,

Well, it was a long and exhausting journey to the Netherlands and very disorienting. I couldn’t stop peeing when we arrived at Bruin’s garage. I hope Bruin got it all cleared up OK.

Then it was another 90 minutes to Midwoud, my new village.

My new pack consists of a man (Andrew), a woman (Carolina) and a younger man (Jessie). I have my own bed inside their house, and they feed me meat and vegetables in the morning and biscuits in the evening. Sometimes, if I play my cards right, I can get them to give me extra things in-between, like a small piece of toast or a spoonful of Greek yoghurt.

The other day they took me to a strange, wide open space called ‘the beach’. It was full of sand on one side and had a huge, enormous puddle of noisy water on the other. I kept away from that roaring water even though I felt like chasing the birds floating on it. But I really liked the sand – nice and soft to run on. I amazed them by running up a big hill of sand. Ha! They thought I couldn’t do it but I got to the top at least 19 minutes and 10 seconds before Andrew. They got a bit scared when I disappeared from their view at the top of the dune, but I was keeping my nose open to them, in case they ran off. Then just as they were getting really worried I suddenly burst over the top of the grass and ran down that sand hill faster than my legs could go! It felt like flying – such great fun! Then we sat for a while to have a drink of water and some snacks. I really enjoyed it, but I was so knackered I couldn’t keep my eyes open on the way back.

Back in Midwoud I’m getting to know the routine and the territory a bit. I’ve checked out the backyard….they’ve made a fence all around it but I reckon I could get out somewhere if I really tried, when they’re not looking at me, which seems to be all the time. I’m still quite tired – from the journey and getting to know this new place – but I think I could be happy here, if they decide to keep me. I’m very easy to look after so I don’t see why they wouldn’t keep me. I’ve made a new friend already, a young Weimaraner called Mr Grey. We see him most mornings on the path where I found a delicious dead hare.

Well, guys, that’s it for now. Thanks a bunch for looking after me and finding me a new home. Maybe one day I’ll come back with my new pack for a visit.